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Thursday March 3 at WOW Cafe Theatre

This March, The Giddy Multitude is GOING MAD!! Crazy, insane, hysterical, bonkers, wild, hyperbolized, extreme battiness! !Yep, I’m loosing my shit. How is that different from any other month, you ask? Well, I just don’t know, but can you think of a better theme for March? As per uge, we’ve got it all: Burlesque, comedy, music, comedic music, clowning, performance art, and interactive mad-libs!

Featuring Johnny Blazes and Madge of Honor all the way from Boston doing some brilliant post-neo clown work; Harrison Greenbaum: award winning stand up comedian that has a surprise up your sleeve;  Doctor Princess Lady Scoutington being the burlesque comedienne goddess we all know and love; Anna Leuchtenberger singing songs to stir your everything; and Jessica Delfino doing that thing that makes you squirm with delight and bit of discomfort, and singing at the same time! Shenanigans happily provided by your host, Busty the Bustiest of Kittens. As if the show weren’t enough, we’ve got delicious homemade treats, cheap drinks, free drinks, trivia, and awesome raffle prizes.

Thursday March 3rd 8 pm at WOW Cafe Theatre 59-61 E. 4th St. $10 at the door, or $7 if you come in themed costume


Previous shows:

May 2009 Broadway Comedy Club. Theme: We hadn’t picked one. But it was inadvertantly gender-issue heavy.

June 2009 Broadway Comedy Club Theme: Kink

August 2009 Broadway Comedy Club Theme: Time Travel

October 28 2009 Broadway Comedy Club Theme: Super! Halloween Show

December 17 2009 WOW Cafe Theatre Theme: Consume, A Holiday Spectacular

February 25 2010 House of Yes Theme: The Best of Love

March 25 9 pm The House of Yes Theme: Animal Queendom

April 16 8 pm WOW Cafe Theatre Theme: Break Free

May 14, 15 8PM, May 16 2PM. WOW Cafe Theatre. {THEME: Extended Play!}

59-61 E. 4th St. $10, as alway $8 if in themed costume!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, people who identify as none of these, and anyone else besides…step right up, for a feat you have never before seen on The Giddy Stage! In honor of WOW Cafe Theater’s 30th Anniversary, the Multitude will shrink its numbers by half, allowing each performer the opportunity for extended, unprecedented giddiness and everything else besides.

Performers include: Johnny Blazes

Rebecca Nagle

Scout DurwoodCharlie Demos

Essence Alexander

Lydia Love

Evangeline Reilly

June 30 8 pm WOW Cafe Theatre. Theme: 5 A Day

Harrison Greenbaum, N, Jessica Delfino, Evangeline and Busty Kitten and more…

59-61 E. 4th St. $10, $8 in costume as always!

July 29 8 pm The House of Yes Theme: Disaster!

Miss Em, Junauda Petrus, Sweet Lorraine, Gideon Levy, Evangeline and Busty and more..

342 Maujer St. Brooklyn, NY $10 at the door, $8 if in costume.

September 2 8 pm WOW Cafe Theatre

What do you think of when I say “History Lesson?” Dusty book covers and dead white guys? Not when the Giddy Multitude is teaching! Returning to our oft un-noted roots as revisionist history recreationists, TGM enlivens the ancient and recent past with clown, burlesque, poetry, and dance!

Starring: Mariah MacCarthy, Lizzie Fox, Olivia Lehrman, Eros Graffiti and Airin Doll, Stanqui Sex, and Deborah Kaufmann. Hosted by Busty Kitten…

Thur Sept 2nd, 8 pm at WOW Cafe Theatre 59-61 E. 4th St
$10, $8 if in themed costume.

Cheap drinks and excellent baked goods!

November 4 8 pm WOW Cafe Theater

Theme: Myths and Legends
How was the world made? What is a hero? Why do some people live in mansions and others in boxes?

See performances in song, dance, burlesque and spoken word reveal the myths behind these mysteries and more by:
JZ Bich, Jessica Delfino, Lizzy Fox, Busty Kitten, Evangeline Reilly, and Honi Harlow.  Hosted by Sweet Lorraine

Thursday November 4 8 pm $10, $8 if in themed costume.  As usual, raffle of cool stuff, cheap drinks and cookies baked with love by Busty Kitten

For further clarification:

1. a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, esp. one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.
2. any invented story, idea, or concept: His account of the event is pure myth. unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution.

1. a body of myths, as that of a particular people or that relating to a particular person: Greek mythology
2.. a set of stories, traditions, or beliefs associated with a particular group or the history of an event, arising naturally or deliberately fostered: the fascist mythology of the interwar years.

1.a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical.
2. a table on a map, chart, or the like, listing and explaining the symbols used.
3. a collection of stories about an admirable person.
4. a person who is the center of such stories: She became a legend in her own lifetime

February 3rd 8 pm at WOW Cafe Theatre

The Giddy Multitude Vaudeville Co. Presents: Sense and Sensuality!

Is it about Jane Austen or is it about sex? It’s a little of both! Revel in the Regency and romance! Get warm in the winter from nose to toes by tickling your fancy with a special sensuality that engages every sense right down to the fifth! Burlesque, butoh, music, video, puppets, and performance art for your pleasure. With performances by: Tansy, Rebecca Nagle, Marina Tsaplina, Dizzy Swank, Azumi Oe, Lady Scoutington, and Charlie Demos.

Thursday February 3rd 8 pm at WOW Cafe Theatre 59-61 E. 4th St. $10, only $7 if you come in themed costume.

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  1. Your shows captures the embodiment of fun. Congratulations on
    making the World a better place. Thanks!

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